The Case Study of Tognetti Auto SA.

Modern Work and full cloud: Tognetti Auto SA chooses the managed services of 4IT Solutions

Directing our search towards a partner specialized in managed IT services has proven to be the best choice. We indeed had the need to find a single point of reference capable of managing the complexity of our networks and a series of applications, ensuring their proper functionality while simultaneously adhering to stringent security and performance standards.

Alice Tognetti

Founder , Tognetti Auto SA

Tognetti Auto SA

Empowering the modern workplace through a comprehensive range of managed services.


Tognetti Auto SA was established in 1935 when its founder, Ernesto Tognetti, took over the Ambrosoli garage located in Piazza Grande. Starting from 1944, the garage grew each year, expanding the represented brands, constructing new facilities, and integrating other companies active in the sector. Now in its third generation, the family-run garage stands as one of the largest dealerships in Ticino, celebrating 75 years of Volkswagen importation in 2023. In 2024, a new facility dedicated to the sale of used vehicles and the storage of new in-stock vehicles will be inaugurated. Currently, the company employs over 100 collaborators, including 14 apprentices, working daily to ensure customers receive quality service and uphold environmental standards.


Informed by its longstanding partner that all managed IT services provided up to that point would be discontinued starting from 2023, Tognetti Auto faced a significant challenge. How to effectively manage the entire ecosystem without the expert support of a service provider and without an internal IT team? With technological progress advancing at an ever-increasing pace and growing business demands, the absence of an effective and professional solution could indeed have jeopardized the operational continuity and competitiveness of the company in the market.

Aware of the importance of quickly finding a reliable solution, Tognetti Auto embarked on a careful search for a new IT service provider, focusing on local experts capable of fully understanding specific needs and providing a comprehensive portfolio of cloud-managed services, summarized as:

  • Workstation Management
  • Network management
  • Data protection
  • Infrastructure management


Upon receiving the engagement, within a few days, 4IT Solutions made the company operational on the new servers, network, and clients, keeping all data available and supporting users during this transition.

From our first meeting, 4IT impressed us with the modernity and innovation of their approach. The project presentation was cutting-edge, demonstrating a deep understanding of our needs and the most advanced solutions to address them. Moreover, having a single point of contact was a tremendous advantage for us. We appreciated having a dedicated liaison who coordinated all phases of the project, making communication and decision-making processes extremely efficient.” – Alice Tognetti, founder, Tognetti Auto SA

Through the implementation of Managed Workplace, a managed service focused on the supply, management, and maintenance of workstations, and leveraging the use of the Microsoft 365 suite, 4IT Solutions has enabled Tognetti Auto not only to achieve centralized remote management but also to create a modern and highly efficient work environment.

Microsoft Intune allows for the remote management of all workstations, overseeing the lifecycle of equipment, software, BIOS, and the operating system. Furthermore, through a centralized dashboard, we ensured an excellent user experience, providing support for all connected Jabra devices. The comment from Federico Piazza, Project Manager & Solution Architect at 4IT Solutions.

4IT Solutions also suggests migrating from the old file server to SharePoint, providing the client with an organized and secure management space where they can access and collaborate on files and documents without time and space constraints, further amplifying the concept of modern work.

“Our goal was also to simplify the backup process, enable quick data restoration in the event of cyberattacks or human errors, and, above all, ensure the security and constant availability of Tognetti Auto’s critical data”said Francesco Randisi, Project Manager & Solution Architect at 4IT Solutions.

The objective was achieved with the Managed Data Protection service, which, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, secured the data on Microsoft 365 and Azure services.

Historically, Tognetti Auto relied on an on-premise infrastructure, which, by its nature, required continuous maintenance and updates, limiting flexibility, growth, and the adoption of new technologies—all of which are essential capabilities given Tognetti Auto’s transition to a modern work environment. For this reason, and with the need to keep their data in Switzerland, 4IT Solutions, through the Managed Infrastructure service, decided to migrate all client services to Azure. This solution ensures improved uptime, dynamism, flexibility, and scalability.

The current infrastructure in Azure has undoubtedly enabled Tognetti Auto to be much more efficient, optimize performance, and ensure service continuity for customers compared to the previous hardware setup. Concludes Francesco Randisi.

As the final piece of the puzzle, 4IT Solutions, through the Managed Network service, revisits the entire supply of previously used equipment, opting for high-performance solutions. This approach aims to not only support users with significantly higher bandwidth but also enhance reliability and security.

The network is fundamental to the success of businesses in today’s digital landscape. A well-managed and secure network is essential to support modern work solutions, such as real-time collaboration, remote access, and the use of cloud applications. A managed service provides constant monitoring and necessary technical support to ensure that the network functions optimally and without interruptions, enabling employees to work efficiently and seamlessly. The comment from Stefano Santandrea, Project Manager & Solution Architect at 4IT Solutions.


“It has been a genuine pleasure working with 4IT on this project. They have been incredibly proactive and solution-oriented, making the entire process smooth and seamless. What impressed us most was their ability to present the project in a simple and engaging manner, even for those of us not in the industry, simplifying concepts clearly and comprehensively, allowing us to visualize the benefits and key points from the outset. Thanks to them, we’ve been able to make informed decisions, and we are excited about what has been accomplished so far. We highly recommend them for their professionalism and empathetic approach.” – Alice Tognetti, founder, Tognetti Auto SA

  • The handover from the previous provider was executed, ensuring a minimal level of downtime.
  • Currently, 66 devices (40 laptops, 26 desktops) and 72 users are under centralized management.
  • Backups are performed for a total of almost 2TB.
  • We successfully manage 20 network devices.
  • Tognetti Auto has access to a comprehensive portfolio of managed services, expertise, and experience without making any upfront investment but rather through a convenient monthly subscription.

Our experience with 4IT has been very positive in every aspect. Not only did we appreciate their human approach and dedication to our project, but they also opened the doors to a completely new vision of the ‘modern work’ concept. Their strategic consulting allowed us to professionally enable our work environment, enabling us to adopt new technologies and methodologies that have significantly enhanced our productivity and collaboration in surprising ways.

Alice Tognetti

Founder, Tognetti Auto SA