Our mission is to guide companies in their Digital Transformation, and we do this with a brilliant team capable of leveraging the latest technologies to benefit clients. Does it reflect you?

Our corporate culture

We work to create a positive corporate culture where everyone is respected, valued and listened to. We work as a team to provide the best experience as possibile to our customers by pushing ourselves and challenging our limits, constantly learning and raising the level of service. We strive to bring out the best in people by focusing on them and empowering them.


We believe deeply in diversity, equality and inclusion. We put people and their well-being first and support them in personal and professional growth.


We are technology and innovation drivers with a mission to guide companies in Ticino through the process of Digital Transformation through the use of technology.


We work daily for our clients with the goal of leading them to achieve the best business results with greater speed, agility and confidence.

4IT works with us: job openings in Canton Ticino

Our values

We finance the Digital Transformation of companies.

We face challenges with humility and seriousness, challenging ourselves to improve in order to bring value to the team and clients.

Work-life balance

People First



The advantages of working in 4IT


Professional and personal growth

Planned growth, both in terms of skills and salary.

Maternity leave

16-week leave with 100% pay

Training budgets and tools

We provide budget, time and tools for continuing education.

Smart Working

Ability to work remotely according to company policies.

Pension plan

Favorable allowing high savings for the future.


Flexible hours

Our approach allows you to work flexibly while respecting the role.

Feedback culture

We appreciate and welcome all suggestions from our team.

4IT Solutions, training company in Ticino

4IT as a training company. We invest in the future.

We believe deeply in the value that young people have within current and future society and are committed to supporting them to the fullest in achieving their personal and professional goals. We push them to face new challenges and exciting opportunities on a daily basis and allow them to grow, making them feel part of a dynamic world and leaving them free to contribute to its development.


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