Managed infrastructure

Full management for an efficient, reliable and secure infrastructure.

The Managed Infrastructure service provides companies with on-premise, full and hybrid cloud IT infrastructure management with the goal of increasing agility, resilience and optimizing investments. The ideal solution for companies that prefer to focus internal resources on the
Development and growth of its core business.

infrastructure management and maintenance

proactive monitoring of the infrastructure

initial assessment

Through an analysis of the IT infrastructure current situation, it is possible to know its characteristics and lay the foundation for proper and effective management.

implementation of corrective measures

Through the assessment phase, we highlight any weaknesses or nonconformities to best practices and suggest corrective actions.

collaboration and support

Taking charge of the infrastructure by managing and monitoring it continuously and proactively, allowing the company to focus on its core business.



Proactive management for an always-on infrastructure


Team of professionals dedicated to infrastructure management


Quick remote or on-site intervention in case of failure


Scalability and flexibility of the service depeniding on business’s needs

Increased efficiency and reduced risk

In today’s digital world, IT infrastructures are the backbone of companies, and their proper functioning is critical to have agile and reliable operations that can support business in a flexible, scalable, and optimized way. In fact, poor management could seriously threaten business continuity and raise costs.

Managed Infrastructure service, with a team of highly skilled professionals taking charge of all day-to-day infrastructure-related operations, ensures maximum performance and a high level of resilience, allowing the internal team to focus time and resources on more strategic activities.

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