Managed Network

Protection of data and workloads and greater agility for users’ work.

Managed Network service enables the development of new applications and services designed for the enterprise by making user connectivity, speed and immediate application response a constant necessity. The priority is to ensure reliable, efficient and secure connectivity. The network is one of the key elements in ensuring high levels of service and forms the core of the communication architecture. The goal is to reduce risk by providing a managed service to secure its infrastructure.

Minor change





Optimized network performance


Quick implementation of applications


Minimal downtime and operational efficiency


Scalability and flexibility of the service depending on company’s needs

Network security, agility and performance

Fluent communication and efficient data exchange are essential factors for positive collaboration between colleagues and customers and subsequently for the success of the company. It is therefore necessary to rely on a reliable and secure network that can support users and workloads optimally.

Managed Network service is flexible and highly scalable to meet the growing needs of companies in managing their network. A service designed and engineered specifically to optimize availability and performance so as to enable increased productivity through the right hardware design, installation and maintenance.

Other managed service

Data security_ backup and the 3-2-1-1-0 rule

Managed Workplace

Provides supply, management and maintenance of the user’s workstation, including the most suitable tools and support service. Data security, cloud, hardware software and everything a worker needs, are no longer purchased, but rented for a monthly fee.

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Immutable backups and Cloud_ how to protect data from ransomware

Managed Infrastructure

It offers companies complete and professional management of their IT infrastructure to ensure maximum performance and service continuity. Through a fixed monthly fee, the in-house team is finally free to focus time and resources on growing their business.

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Cyber Recovery: the strategy for recovery after a cyber attack

Managed data protection

It offers companies comprehensive and professional management of their backup and disaster recovery infrastructure to ensure safety, security and data recovery in the event of cyber attacks, human error and natural disasters through a fixed monthly fee.

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