Managed workplace

Supply, management and maintenance of user’s workstation.

Managed Workplace Service offers the supply, management and maintenance of the user’s workstation, including the most suitable tools and support service. Data security, cloud, hardware, software and everything a worker needs- are no longer purchased, but rented for a monthly fee, allowing companies to get a modern workspace, created specifically for different user needs and without the need for an initial investment.

Hardware supply
and software

Support of
1° tier




Modern Work and full cloud: Tognetti Auto SA choses 4IT Solutions 

How to effectively manage the entire ecosystem without the expert support of a service provider and without an internal IT team?

Aware of the importance of quickly finding a reliable solution, Tognetti Auto embarked on a careful search for a new IT service provider, focusing on local experts capable of fully understanding specific needs and delivering a comprehensive portfolio of cloud-managed services.



No upfront investment in hardware


Fixed monthly fee per month based on users


Professional remote and on-site support


Scalability and flexibility of the service according to business needs

Modern and up-to-date workstations

As the number of employee support systems has steadily increased, so has the complexity of managing and maintaining them. Therefore, it is essential to have effective management and constant updating of workstations to enable users to work in a streamlined and agile manner while minimizing possible issues that would slow down business productivity and negatively impact performances.

Managed Workplace service enables companies to provide a workstation that meets different users’ needs, modern and constantly updated, contributing positively to employee engagement and performance.

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