The Managed Infrastructure service: proactive monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure

The fast and continuous digital transformation is driving many companies to seek help from external partners to manage their IT infrastructure as its proper functioning is critical to having agile and reliable IT operations that can support the business in a flexible, scalable and optimized manner. Poor management, in fact, can seriously jeopardize business continuity and raise costs. This, combined with ever-changing technologies, time and often limited internal resources, make proper infrastructure management a challenge for many SMEs.

It is estimated that the budget invested by companies for IT infrastructure maintenance reaches up to half of their total budget, without considering the costs of hardware replacements. But if we take a deeper look, the truth is still different. On-site IT teams spend most of their time on routine maintenance and control activities, at the expense of more key aactivities that would enable them to strengthen their digital transformation strategy, that are instead possible if they decide to outsource the infrastructure.

What is managed infrastructure service?

The managed infrastructure service offers companies comprehensive management of on-premise, full cloud and hybrid infrastructures with the aim of increasing agility, resilience and optimizing investments. Specifically, this service focuses on:

  • proper management and maintenance of hardware and software infrastructure
  • proactive monitoring of the infrastructure

The ideal solution for companies that, aware that infrastructure management is not a strategic activity, prefer to focus internal resources to the development and growth of their core business.

The steps of the Managed Infrastructure service

  1. Infrastructure assessment: a thorough analysis of the current situation provides the necessary details and a clear view of the strengths and weaknesses of the infrastructure.
  2. Taking charge: once the infrastructure design is clear, we take full responsibility for it.
  3. Service delivery: actual start of the management and monitoring phase
  4. Implementations: we carry out the implementations necessary to increase resilience, agility, and flexibility of the infrastructure.

The 6 key components of Managed Infrastructure service.

  • Monitoring – Proactive and continuous monitoring of services and hardware.
  • Support – Specialized and dedicated support from a specialized team.
  • Service Operation – Continuous performance and maintenance of infrastructure aimed at ensuring maximum performance.
  • Update & Upgrade – Scheduled maintenance for installation of new updates and firmware on the hardware used.
  • Warranty Management – Management of warranty claims and throughout the hardware life cycle.
  • Service Review – Scheduled meetings on a quarterly or monthly basis to analyze service performance and evaluate developments.
Francesco Randisi

Francesco Randisi

Project Manager & Solution Architect

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