Managed services at the side of companies for IT management

It is well established that every business relies on technology to operate effectively, and as systems continue to grow and evolve, it is critical to have the means to support and maintain it properly. However, many companies often find it difficult to plan for proper management because they are overwhelmed by the amount of work needed to be added to daily operations.

It is therefore easy to fall behind with important aspects such as backups, patches, updates, and security, consequently increasing the chances of incurring in business interruption or other serious problems that would negatively impact business and revenue.

To avoid incurring these kinds of consequences, many companies of different industries and sizes have relied on suppliers of managed services, reversing the general philosophy of “break-fix,” which consists of a reactive attitude to problems, instead of focusing on prevention through a constant monitoring system that allows problems to be resolved before they impact the company, users and customers.

In addition, in a highly competitive and fast-paced market, it is important to choose solutions that allow companies not only to have the partner’s team of experts available and leave their own free to focus on strategic activities, but also to be able to choose a pay-as-you-go model and thus have cost-effective options.

The positive effects of this choice are demonstrated by the exponential increase in the popularity of managed services, which estimate that about two-thirds of companies have already partnered to secure up-to-date digital services and a functioning and effective infrastructure to support all business operations.

In fact, a managed services partner (MSP)’s main goal is to deeply understand tcustomers’ needs, its business, and its processes and work daily on proactive management and implementations to increase efficiency to keep the company competitive and active in its target market.

Main advantages:

  • Predictable IT costs through a fixed monthly (or annual) fee and no initial investment.
  • Proactive approach which allows to identify problems and resolve them before they impact users and company.
  • An MPS through its know-how keeps the company up-to-date and in line with new technologies, as well as providing support through certified experts in the field.
  • Reduced risk thanks to planned and ongoing management that dramatically reduces the flaws used by cybercriminals to attack the company.
  • Scalability of IT infrastructure and services as needed through rapid changes in resources as the business grows or changes.
  • When IT systems are fully functional through continuous and effective management, there is an increase in employee productivity.
  • Optimal protection of enterprise systems by implementing best practices for security, patch management, and immediate incident response enables a higher level of security.

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Sladjana Timotijevic

Sladjana Timotijevic

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