Outtasking: the outsourced IT service

Every company is confronted daily with limited resources and budgets, yet faced with an ever-increasing demand for innovation that can keep it competitive within its target market. This misalignment most often leads IT departments to collapse, as, finding themselves overburdened in handling operational demands, they often neglect the more strategic part of growing their core business.

Outtasking: What it is and how it works

IT projects are becoming more and more complex by the day, and the various technological innovations require constant updating in terms of skills, both of which, if technology is not part of one’s core business, can make Digital Transformation more difficult than expected.

With Outtasking, 4IT Solutions’ IT outsourcing service, it is possible to fully outsource the design, maintenance and development of all those IT services needed to make the business active and effective, but not only. With this managed service, leveraging the partner’s verticalization and know-how, it is possible to integrate new technologies, simplify process management and implement solutions that accelerate business growth.

One of the strategic aspects inherent in this service is to leave the company free to focus on its business, freeing internal resources from day-to-day operations in favor of a focus on more critical activities, such as growing and strengthening its market positioning.

Last but not least, the “service-based” nature of Outtasking allows companies to have per-user costs on a monthly basis easily budgeted and without surprises, providing flexibility and scalability.


Outtasking: top reasons why to choose outsourced IT

The reasons for a company to choose an outsourced IT service are varied, but among the most common are a lack of internal resources and insufficient know-how, or the need for clear cost forecasting. In fact, among the many benefits that a proper outsourcing strategy can bring to a company the main ones are:

  • Increased level of specialization and know-how available
  • increased business agility
  • Reduction of workloads to internal resources
  • speeding up Digital Transformation
  • predictability of IT costs

Choosing, therefore, to rely on an outsourcing service is a crucial strategic move for a company’s success, regardless of size or industry.

Paola Ghezzi

Paola Ghezzi

Marketing Manager

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