The focus areas and main benefits of IT assessment

Technology enables companies to sustain and grow their business, but in order to do this optimally, it is necessary to thoroughly analyze one's IT infrastructure so as to identify any weaknesses and take the right corrective actions.

In fact, through an assessment, it is possible to obtain an in-depth overview of the business systems in use, best practices for making them perform well, and a roadmap to follow in order to successfully tackle one’s digital transformation. In detail, the 4 steps of which an IT assessment by 4IT Solutions is composed are:

  • Photograph of the general state of the customer’s IT infrastructure
  • Risk analysis
  • Proposed improvements in areas identified as critical or with gaps through a roadmap managed with the Gantt plan
  • Short- or long-term investment plan

In what areas does 4IT provide IT assessment?

Data & infrastructure
Detailed mapping of servers, storage, backup, and disaster recovery allows for the identification of any gaps, shortcomings, and weaknesses that may in some way weaken if not even bring the enterprise infrastructure to a halt.

Workplace Modernization
With the goal of improving the workstation and user productivity and unifying the enterprise according to best practices, 4IT Solutions provides a snapshot of machine status, monitors user management, analyzes operating systems and on-boarding procedures, and indicates guidelines for achieving a modern workplace.

Through certified partners we perform a Vulnerability Assessment to understand the actual security level of a network. The results obtained are then compiled within a detailed report useful for defining next steps that can increase the company’s security level.

Proper license management brings countless benefits, including cost savings, as well as making the company compliant and ready for any external audits. Through the use of a specific tool, 4IT Solutions is able to comprehensively map the status of licenses, identifying any non-conformities and fixing them in a timely and proactive manner.

What are the benefits of an IT assessment?

Security Vulnerability Detection
The threat landscape that companies face is constantly evolving, and what protected them optimally until a few years ago is still hardly fully effective. With this in mind, an IT assessment plays a key role as, by scanning the entire system, it identifies vulnerabilities that cybercriminals could exploit to their advantage and proposes effective solutions to defend against the latest cyber threats.

Developing a long-term IT strategy
It often happens that companies underestimate the importance of a long-term IT strategy, very often acting reactively to various market changes and demands. Instead, through an IT assessment, it is possible to change mindsets and develop a roadmap for IT strategy development aligned with business goals. This, in addition to providing a long-term view of one’s digital transformation journey, allows one to better forecast IT expenditures and accurately plan all investments needed for improvement across the board.

Implementing business productivity and performance
An IT assessment considers the entire business infrastructure, not neglecting solutions that enable companies to increase productivity and performance. Just think of the improvements that can be undertaken in data storage or collaboration tools, such as the Microsoft 365 suite, which enables employees not only to have a positive experience in the workplace, but to increase performance.

Ensuring compliance
Many companies, particularly in highly regulated industries such as health care, insurance, and finance, must ensure that their IT infrastructure complies with a set of standards, the absence of which can lead to serious consequences in terms of penalties and reputation. Through an IT assessment, it is possible to discover any noncompliance issues during the assessment, having time to remedy before external audits happen.

Francesco Bari

Francesco Bari

Project Manager & Solution Architect

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