How to manage devices security? With Intune.

In a work environment where employees need to be able to work remotely by having an average of 2 or more devices, companies are challenged in trying to ensure total accessibility to them without security repercussions. How then to keep all devices safe? How to protect data if employees check emails from their mobile apps? These questions, and many others, are answered by InTune, Microsoft's mobile device management (MDM) service that creates the foundation for secure enterprise mobility. In fact, by using Intune-managed certificates and standard VPN gateways or proxies, it is possible to allow mobile apps to access on-premises data, ensuring that employees can access it from virtually anywhere and on almost any device, while providing maximum security.

The top 3 reasons to use InTune


Control of enterprise mobile devices

Using a wide range of devices and operating systems, it is often difficult to keep track of them and establish unified management processes.

With InTune, it is possible to have total visibility into the status, lifecycle and security level of devices and, through a dashboard, collect and analyze valuable data.

Data and device security

Unmanaged mobile devices, especially tablets and cell phones, pose security risks.

InTune, with its various configurations and restriction options, makes it possible to prohibit the use of specific features or applications and enforce the use of strong access codes.

Increased productivity and reduced costs

Configuring and upgrading various mobile devices is a manual process that takes time and carries the risk of human error.

With InTune’s dashboard, configurations, installations and updates can be automated, saving time and dramatically lowering the chance of error.

Federico Piazza

Federico Piazza

Project Manager & Solution Architect

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