Managed Network & Security: connections and advantages

Gli incidenti informatici a danno delle aziende sono ormai all’ordine del giorno e riguardano tutti i settori, nessuno escluso. Every day new threats and vulnerabilities are discovered that, if not proactively managed, can become overwhelming. On the other hand, approaches to security are also constantly evolving, as are the frameworks, tools and techniques that can be used to minimize each company's risk factor. However, it is often very difficult for IT managers to decide which way to go and where to focus their efforts, budget and resources.

Certainly one strategy that would enable companies to significantly increase the level of defense against cybercriminals is to rely on an SOC, which through a specialized team monitors, detects, investigates and responds to cyber threats 24/24, protecting all corporate assets. In fact, an effective SOC can make a difference in detecting and remedying minor security incidents before they become serious enough to negatively impact the company.

In this constant and exhausting struggle, the network also plays a key role. While the SOC identifies the threat, it is also important that the network is programmed to receive the alarm communication and isolate it immediately in an automatic way, protecting the network.

Network Access Control (NAC): the trump card of managed network service

Given the exponential growth of devices accessing the corporate network, and consequently the risks this brings, it is vital to have tools in place that provide visibility and access control that can defend and strengthen your infrastructure.

Through a NAC system, it is possible to deny access to the corporate network to all those devices that are considered non-compliant, place them in a quarantine area or grant them only limited access, thus preventing them from infecting the network.

This access control tool offers many features:

  • Control of the users accessing the corporate network
  • Control of applications and to the resources users want to access
  • Restrict access to the network to certain users (guests, suppliers, partners…)
  • Segment employees into groups based on their function and create role-based access policies
  • Activation of systems and control that detect unusual or suspicious activity
  • Automating incident response

The main advantages of a NAC solution

Automation-with the automation features of NAC, it is possible to automate the process of authenticating users and devices accessing the network, unlike the manual process that the lack of this tool would entail.

Ease of control – the NAC collects in a kind of inventory all endpoints and users authorized to access the network 24/7, thus enabling total visibility and easy management of the device lifecycle.

Increased network visibility – through total mapping of the various devices connected to the network and by implementing policies that cover every authorized user, it is possible to keep track of the increase in devices and users accessing the network

Improved cybersecurity architecture SASE – the integrations with MDM and antivirus systems provided by NAC minimize cyber threats such as malware, ransomware, and DDoS attacks by excluding unauthorized or suspicious actors and limiting their permissions.

4IT Solutions’ Managed Network Service and NAC.

Managed Network service enables the development of new applications and services designed for the enterprise by making user connectivity, speed and immediate application response a constant necessity. The priority is to ensure reliable, efficient and secure connectivity, and the goal is to reduce risk by providing a managed service to ensure the security of their infrastructure. This managed service also offers the option of activating NAC’s add-on service on demand, for total management and control of network access.

Stefano Santandrea

Stefano Santandrea

Project Manager & Solution Architect

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