R. Audemars SA Case Study

4IT Solutions leads the Digital Transformation of R. Audemars SA with the service of Outtasking

Because our vision for the group was long-term, we were looking for a partner who could also lead us with an innovative and pioneering spirit.

Mirko Audemars

CEO, R. Audemars SA

R. Audemars SA

Keep the company effective and support Digital Transformation through the provision
of a comprehensive portfolio of IT services.

4IT Solutions


Born in the Swiss watch industry more than 120 years ago, R. Audemars SA has developed into an international group of companies specializing in microtechnology for the medical, aerospace, automotive and industrial markets. R. Audemars SA is strategically focused on the co-development and fabrication of the smallest precision electro-magnetic micro-components and assemblies for the operation of the smallest high-tech devices for global customers and key components within the smallest and most innovative portable, implantable and interventional medical devices, enabling the preservation and improvement of life conditions. The company has managed over the years to establish a world-leading position in several markets by always being at the forefront of new technologies and processes.


To keep up with the Digital Transformation, R. Audemars SA felt the need to rely on a competent partner who could consciously guide it, and at the same time, provide high-level user support, keep the infrastructure up and running, and ensure business continuity. In fact, the increasing complexity of business systems required a vertical IT skill set that only an entire team would be able to respond to.

“In order to increase the level of IT efficiency and corporate security while maintaining full control of costs, R. Audemars SA needed a service that provided a comprehensive portfolio of IT solutions and a team with a wide range of technical expertise.”Words of Mishel Borcic, founder of 4IT Solutions.

However, the strategic component, a key aspect of being able to carry out the Digital Transformation project successfully, should not have been overlooked.


Given the demands, Outtasking immediately turns out to be the ideal solution as it would have enabled the client to accelerate existing projects and develop new ones, without neglecting the day-to-day operations entrusted to a team of good professionals capable of sourcing and analyzing the needs of the business by proposing modern IT solutions to support them. Having then identified the solution in an entire outsourced IT service, 4IT Solutions begins to act on three areas:

  • Workstation support to the more than 60 employees spread across the three locations Switzerland, China and the Philippines through multilingual service desk service
  • Monitoring the entire infrastructure proactively, anticipating any issues through a monitoring system
  • High-level strategic consulting through the position of interim CIO


Through the Outtasking service, R. Audemars SA is free to focus time and resources on its core business, delegating IT management entirely to 4IT Solutions.

After more than 10 years of active service, Audemars SA highlights 3 main advantages:

  • The company performs effectively without interruption thanks to a comprehensive portfolio of IT services
  • Elimination of hidden costs through an all-inclusive monthly fee
  • Elimination of the risk given by a single point of failure

(…) 4IT Solutions designed this service specifically to fit our company and our needs, there was nothing preset or standard.” Comments the group CEO, Mirko AudemarsHe adds, “In addition, we have total control over costs thanks to a clear and transparent monthly fee,” and concludes, “In a world where we cannot afford business interruptions, the choice of a partner to rely on is crucial, and we are confident in the choice we have made.”

For us, it is crucial to provide the client with a single point of contact that on a regular and cadenced basis takes stock of the situation, highlighting the progress of activities through monthly KPI analyses and promoting innovative initiatives aimed at improving business processes and models.

Mauro Addis

CIO ad interim, 4IT Solutions