The apprenticeship journey between training and digital skills

How often have we heard in recent years that there is a serious mismatch between what the market, companies specifically, require in terms of workforce and what is actually found? How many times have we opened a position on one of the many available platforms and collected an inordinate number of resumes, but of which those aligned with the requirements could be counted on the fingers of one hand?

Questions that very often turn too quickly into statements that shift to blame schools, universities or, even to the young people. But have we ever really asked ourselves what we, companies in Ticino, are doing to help to create the fabric of expertise that we demand to have at the click of a mouse?

Let’s start right away with one of the most common clichés: hiring apprentices and interns is a task reserved for large companies. Nothing more untrue. In fact, SMEs can also benefit from this choice, which will soon turn out to be mutually beneficial. Suffice it also to think that our canton is made up of more than 89% small businesses (less than 10 employees), about 9% businesses from 10 to 50 employees, and only 1.7% businesses above 50 employees. Figures that make it clear that training young people cannot be left only to the big players.

5 benefits of training apprentices in the company

Many employers erroneouslym think of apprenticeships as a good way to get job support at a lower cost than a classic hire, when instead they should be seen as a way to get extra help and with a new perspective, potentially find new employees and make a tangible contribution to society. In addition, investing in an apprentice allows you to:

Getting new perspectives: young apprentices challenge the “we’ve always done it this way” mentality and bring fresh, innovative ideas through an outside, neutral point of view. They also put business processes under the microscope and are often able to identify a better, optimized way of doing things, something not always obvious to those who have long been immersed headlong in the corporate grind.

An increase in productivity: Employers are always looking for ways to increase productivity, and one way to do this is by hiring apprentices, who can be a great asset because they are usually eager to learn and contribute as much as possible. In addition, they can take over some of the work that would normally be done by co-workers, leaving them free to focus on more important and strategic tasks.

Visibility and brand support: a good apprenticeship program and an ongoing support from the in-house team will be publicized by the apprentice in a positive way with family and friends, ensuring publicity and word of mouth that will help to improve the company’s reputation.

Talent retention:by opening up real opportunities for growth and training for those in an apprenticeship program, it means making a commitment to keep these young talents within our canton so as to later ensure that companies in the area have a motivated, professional and already business-minded workforce.

A new apprenticeship opportunity in Ticino: digital business developer AFC

The market changes rapidly and the skills required by companies to remain competitive in the market are constantly evolving, and training, to match these demands, aligns supply to create exactly what companies are looking for. In fact, it is no coincidence that a training to become a Digital Business Developer AFC a figure to support the digital transformation of companies that, very often, find themselves overwhelmed by this revolution, has recently emerged. A new role that will aim to analyze its activities and processes by developing solutions to optimize work steps and digital products. A figure who does not replace the IT person, but who deeply understands his or her language and is able to interpret and apply it to business processes to improve performance and efficiency.

A concrete demonstration of how, from a real need of the companies, training was born, which will soon be ready to be placed in the company through the apprenticeship program.

In a competitive and sometimes cutthroat world of work, it is important for every company to understand the value of the apprentice and support him or her to the fullest as they represent the future of the company.

Sladjana Timotijevic

Sladjana Timotijevic

Head of Business Administration & Marketing

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